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The Colossus (Monsterbus p.479)

Kirby the Prophet does it again. This parable came true: the Soviet Union created a colossus to its own glory, in the form of a gigantic military industrial complex. And that giant proved too big to support, and forced change. At the end of the story we see the Soviet leaders coming t agreement with the west, just as Gorbechev was forced to.

Historical significance

This is the first full length story. I have noted before how Kirby was pushing for longer stories, and would soon get his way with Fantastic Four issue 1. And note how the splash page to part 3 is like the cover to FF 1.


I love the pacing of Kirby's monster stories. Note how it took all night for the alien to make the colossus move. This is like something from a Victorian sci fi story: the slow pace adds to the impact. Kirby's writing, like his art, is unrivalled in its ability to convey scale and power.