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The Blip (Monsterbus p.418)

This is more like Kirby! Compare it with the previous story: this has better science (discussing the various phenomena that might cause radar anomalies; the use of dynamos) and a much richer story (the mystery, exploring the cave,  a wormhole, man versus man, man versus alien, alien is not an enemy, etc.). And most important, it's mind expanding: not just the idea that man should be less warlike, but the idea that a whole network of alien civilisations exist! I would have loved this as a child, and I love it now.

Kirby the prophet

Note how the most advanced alien is made of electricity. We are moving on that direction now: more and more of our identity depends on electricity. More and more of our body functions (memory, transport, strength, etc) are being outsourced to machines. We have centuries to go yet, but we are noticeably closer than in Kirby's day. And note that the most important development is a move away from violence. The book "Better Angels of our Nature" records how that is slowly happening as well. Kirby the prophet is right again.