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Gargantus (Monsterbus p.434)

This is just a beautiful story. (And with beautiful art, from the cover to the final frame). It's packed with amazing concepts, realistically presented: you can imagine being inside that submersible, hearing the great creature in the darkness, climbing the cables! It's solid science from start to finish: the realistic bathysphere, the MIM-14 Nike Hercules missiles, and of course the ending. I could rave about this story for hours, but this blog is about Kirby as prophet, so let's focus.

Kirby the prophet

We evolved for our niche. Kirby understood that intuitively: a creature from the depths could not survive in our surface world. Whether it's the lack of pressure, lack of buoyancy, higher oxygen, dryness, or whatever, his body is not designed for this. One day we will discover that about space travel as well: our perfect planet is right here, if only we would treat it well.

Pure Kirby dialog?

Finally, the dialog fits the story so perfectly, and in such detail, that I wonder if Kirby wrote every word rather than simply giving an outline? On panel 2 on the first story page for example, both of the comments are exactly right and not the kind of thing you could get from a synopsis.