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The Menace of the Purple Planet (Monsterbus p.125)

Six ways to spot a Kirby plot:

  1. Kirby did the layouts.
  2. Something new and interesting on every page
  3. The story based on science, or something else from the real world.
  4. The amount of dialog fits the art. It doesn't look verbose or squashed.
  5. The plot does not rely heavily on a twist at the end. There might be a surprising twist, sure, but the story will still be satisfying without it.
  6. The story is fairly original. If it's an old idea it won't have featured for a couple of years at least.
I don't think the Purple Planet story is a Kirby plot. Or if it is, he's either very tired, not putting his heart in, or is highly edited. It's just the plot of The Day The Earth Stood Still, plus the tired old trope that the robot is the real life form and his human-like companion was just a puppet. It breaks all the five rules. Nothing to see here.