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I Fought The Molten Man Thing (Monsterbus p.159)

Classic Kirby: a Kirby fire creature, and the problem of working out what it is and then working out how to stop him. Plus an interesting location, and the likelihood that the creature meant no harm. Nice brain food.

NB the colouring on the original cover is MUCH better. Modern colouring is garish and unrealistic, losing the power of the realism of the story.

Here is the reprint. It's maybe not obvious, but on shiny paper the monster has bright reds, the fire is bright yellow, the man in the green coat has a bright green coat, etc.

And here is the original. The colours are more subdued, they blend into each other more, you could be looking at an actual photo of a real event,

There are much clearer examples than this on other covers, but this will do. The original went for realism, not silliness. These were days when monsters (H-bombs, wars affecting American soil) were real, not silly.

Lee's influence has made comics silly, and we now extend that attitude back to the past. Reviews f the ,monster omnibus use words like fun and silly, and give it credit merely for writers "finding their feet" and "stumbling" toward the bright new day of superheroes. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are more important, more serious, more creative and more advanced than the superheroes that followed, The superheroes appear higher in our awareness because they stood on the shoulders of giants.