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Gor-KIll (Monsterbus p.337)

What was the legend of Gor-kill before the water creature appeared and was given the name? This story is set near Krakow, so the name is probably Polish: "Gor" is Polish for hot and "kil" means keel. They called their legend "hot keel". You can imagine the rest. You are far out to sea in a wooden boat. At the mercy of nature. You notice that the bottom of your boat is growing hot. What is under the water??? Nobody ever knows. Something attacks the boat, and nobody survives. It happens again,. Sailors speak in dread of the hot keel: it means you are all dead.  The terror has begun.

I love how the story is about astrobiology. The idea that a gas cloud could drift into our atmosphere and react with water is wild, yet plausible! After all, water itself is made of two gases. What biological molecules could have been in that cloud? We now know that biological molecules are common in deep space. Kirby the prophet predicted this, and took it to the next level: what if those molecules came to our world?

The ending here is superb. Unique, important, through provoking. Some of the early dialog looks like Lee (to see why, consider the art without the text: the art tells a much more sophisticated story, but the dialog is repetitious). But I'm so glad that Kirby's ending was preserved (unlike in some previous stories). The dialog may be for children, but the plot is something to haunt you as an adult.