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Eternals 3: the year 2026

Eternals was written in 1976. It says mankind's fate will be decided in fifty years: that is, in the year 2026. This is happening now. Kirby's prophecy is coming true.

Kirby said he intended the Eternals to be about our ancient origins, especially in a Biblical sense (hence the reference to the great flood). The Bible is all about gods, and Bible prophecy is all about monstrous beasts (see Daniel and Revelation in particular). Gods and monsters dominate Kirby's books.

In the Bible, gods represent ultimate causes and monstrous beasts represent nations and empires. That is, they are both metaphors for the systems and networks that we can influence yet barely understand. Humans have always been slaves to forces they barely understand - even kings and emperors are slaves to larger forces. But between 1976 and 2026 something changed. Information technology took over the world.

I have written elsewhere about how nations and corporations are a separate species that evolves for its own benefit. We have now given that species the tools to think. At some point we will pass a point of no return, where humans cannot change their direction no matter what we do. We are close to that point already. My guess is that in another ten years mankind will be so dependent on I.T. that nations no longer have to care what we want, except in the sense that we care what the cells of our body want. At that point we had better hope that nations are benevolent because if they aren't then it's too late to change them. We will of course continue to think we are in control, but that will be an illusion. We will only exist for their benefit.

In short, we have until 2026 to fix our social structures. Then Arishem will decide our fate.