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Eternals 2: ancient wisdom

Kirby describes in poetic form how the gods formed man from the animals. Noah Harari also described the process: the discovery of metaphorical beings allowed our species of ape to break free of our hard wired limit of troops of just fifty or so. Now our troops could number thousands, the millions, and civilisation was possible.

There are three kinds of man: the abstract thinker (the eternal), the never satisfied fighter (the deviant) and the worker (regular people). The great abstract thinkers gave us eternal principles: thousands of years ago Pythagoras gave us mathematics, Moses gave us ground rent, and Plato explained how the real world is the world of abstractions. These are the true Eternals.

In book 2 of the Eternals, Kirby reminds us that greater powers crush lesser powers. The deviants crushed the humans, and the gods crushed the deviants. He shows us that the wise choices is learn if them and welcome them as the Eternals do. The suicidal choice is to fight them as the deviants do.

This is the world we live in now, in 2017. We have created great new networks -gods. They will decide whether we survive as a species.

People like Kirby, Velikovsky, and religious thinkers since the dawn of time have urged us listen to ancient stories of cataclysm. Kirby compares our condition to that before the legendary flood. In the next blog post (on Eternals 3) I will discuss mankind's fifty year trial: 1976-2026.