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The Eternals: what are gods?

Gods are the central theme of Kirby's career. Tuk sought them, the Challengers challenged them, the Fantastic Four met them, Don Blake became one, and Kirby's magnum opus was the New Gods. But The Eternals is where the space gods come to Earth.

What is a god? Our answer must be based on reason, or what is the point in discussing anything? So we can ignore Faith based answers, regardless of how many people hold them.

I think Noah Harari's book "Sapiens" says it best. Gods are metaphors, and their discovery is what allowed humans to conquer the world. I discuss Bible gods in more detail here.

Gods are how we unite people. Since the 1990s and the ubiquitous Internet, we are suddenly able to unite as never before. We do so via new corporations and new networks. These corporations and networks are examples of Harari's gods. Cyber corporations and networks (based in abstract space, not a particular nation or city) would thus be space gods.

For a couple of thousand years the dominant gods were closely tied to humanity (e.g. Jesus, or the gods of nationalism) but abstraction in the sky is the natural state of deities: we are merely returning to our ancestors' understanding.

Therefore the space gods are indeed coming back, and Kirby's prophecy came true.