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OMAC 4, continued: the grounded and the infinite

Kirby fought on the front lines in the war, and it dominated his thinking for the rest of his life. So his battles, such as in OMAC 4, are grounded. Compare them to mainstream superhero books. Kirby is simpler in his tasks, slower moving, so you can experience the decision making process, the military organization, the individual choices,  and the feeling of the ground under your feet and the wind in your hair.

Kirby also understood that possibilities are infinite. Literally anything is possible: the only limiting factor is imagination.

For imagination to become real it has to be based on understanding. Kirby understood people. For example, Kafka's attitude reminded me of Slobodan Milosovic's trial: a man from the same region (20 years later) with the same goals: to build a nation through force, with himself at the top. And of course that name, Kafka! Every detail is mind expanding. There is so much in this one book. My favourite part is the location, how it feels like you are really there, on top of the world (note the symbolism!). I could also talk about the social structures, the focus on biology, the language style.... I have barely scratched the surface. There is no writer like Kirby.